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At Big League Talent, our clients and candidates enjoy a seamless and professional talent acquisition process to support every stage of their journey.

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Great leaders build great projects and great teams.

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Who Are We?

We are proud to be the Construction Industry’s trusted talent recruitment partner, with industry experience that spans many years. Our team understands how difficult it is for design build firms, developers, owners, AEC firms and GC’s in this industry to recruit and retain top talent due to cutthroat competition, high market demand, lack of strategic innovation and team cultures that don’t allow top talent to achieve the self-actualization they desire. It requires a team effort from top notch professionals who can commit fully towards securing team’s future success! We take the approach of being management consultants for the talent acquisition process, helping our client partners build a talent acquisition process that welds the art and science of recruitment required to attract, hire and retain top talent. We specialize in identifying and attracting highly skilled, professional candidates. We do much more than your classic construction recruiter; allowing our rock solid business processes and ethics to shine through when working on your project. Our professional search team represents sought after construction opportunities and delivers the most qualified Construction and AEC candidates for your consideration on average 2-3x faster than our competitors. 

Our Purpose

We exist to help build the future generations of teams who will continue designing, constructing and maintaining our beautiful nation. In order to do this, we help growing teams craft market-defining opportunities, recruit “impossible-to-find” talent, and retain this talent so they can help propel your organization for years to come while achieving self-actualization in their professional career. Our #1 priority is making win-win hires. This means our client and our candidate both agreeing the hiring outcome was a success, and as a result we all win together. As a result, we will continue to push forward our game-changing construction and AEC industries!

Our Vision

Over the coming years, our vision is to forge our name in the market as the #1 household resource for finding the best construction opportunities available and for building your dream team with the talent needed to help you execute a loaded backlog or scale to the next level. We are achieving this by doing what is right in all situations, sharpening our skills consistently, building relationships at scale and consulting our clients to help everyone involved to succeed.

Our Team

Our founding team comes from playing high level collegiate sports. We are a competitive group of niche construction recruiters driven by putting in the hard work it takes to make true win-win placements. At Big League Talent, we believe great people build great companies and great projects. At the end of the day, we are advocates for the future success of the construction and AEC industries. We contribute to this cause by placing only the best of the best talent with growing teams, and strategically advising our clients and candidates along the way with radical transparency.


Matt Gorgolinski

CEO & Principal Recruiter

Our Recruitment Thesis

We believe the traditional construction recruitment model is broken, so we flipped the game on it’s head.

1. Ask yourself “Am I a client or a KPI”? Recruiters on average fill 6% of roles they work on (1 in 18). If a recruiter fills 1 role a month, they’ll be OK. So where does that leave you…? “Client” number 1 of 18? Or maybe 50? A.k.a. you 6% chance your role is filled?

2. Recruiters usually focus on the active candidate market (Problems: top talent does not hang out here, it’s overpriced due to job board competition, you only reach only 18% of the total addressable talent market, most of the talent it unemployed)

3. Ballooning fill times are delaying projects, driving flight risk due to overworking the team, and costing millions in opportunity cost.

Click here to watch Our Construction Recruitment Thesis, a free 22-minute training video designed to solve this issue at it’s core by providing you with actionable insights to recruit and retain industry defining talent.

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